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Sanitizing products have taken the world by a storm in no time and why not? It is indeed the need of the hour considering the pandemic that has claimed millions of lives. Coronavirus has been a constant part of our lives for months now and apart from that, there are several other viruses that put our health at stake, common flu for example - although it’s not life-threatening, it does spread faster than you think. So, in order to stop these viruses from spreading and keep oneself protected, it is important that we follow precautionary measures and what better way to do that than use skin disinfectant products?

Skin disinfectants are nothing but products that we use in our everyday lives but with a twist i.e. they are formulated with a germ-killing formula to keep us protected. We’ve all heard about face wipes, haven’t we? We use them for an instant burst of refreshment and lift away all of that dirt that has been sitting over our face forming an invisible layer. Wipes are a very basic product that we use in our day to day lives but when you formulate these with a germ-killing formula or concentrate it will ensure that it not only cleanses but also kills all of those germs that have been dwelling over your face all this while. MyGlamm’s novel range of skin and surface sanitizing care products is here to keep you and your family safe. Out new WIPEOUT Collection is all about a line of sanitizing and disinfecting products to help you stay safe anytime, anywhere!

Shop For Sanitizing Care Products Online At MyGlamm

Just like our other skincare products, the WIPEOUT range by MyGlamm & Manish Malhotra’s antimicrobial products promises to keep you germ-free during these tough times. We bring you some of the best skin disinfectant products you’ll ever come across - they’re promising, do what they claim to do and are highly affordable. 

Sanitizing Wipes

Our WIPEOUT Sanitizing Wipes shields you from germs anywhere, anytime! Clean, sanitize and moisturize your hands, surfaces or just about anything with our sanitizing wipes that are proven to kill 99% harmful germs and other nasties lurking around you. Enriched with eucalyptus and lemon oil that moisturize and recharges your skin, leaving it soft and safe. So, WIPEOUT before every touch!

Sanitizing Spray

Our WIPEOUT Sanitizing Spray by MyGlamm is a gentle yet powerful disinfectant spray that kills 99% germs not just on surfaces but also in the air around you. Enriched with antimicrobial lemongrass oil, and neem and lemon extracts it cleans, kills germs, sanitizes, and freshens your surroundings. The best part is that it is safe to be used as a hand sanitizer too. Our another top-selling sanitizing spray is the Manish Malhotra Antimicrobial sanitizing spray that is infused with neem, karanja and nut grass extracts that has powerful antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, remove impurities, nourish skin. And the best part is that it is suitable for all skin types, which means no worries of irritation.

Cleansing Towels

Enriched with neem and lemon oil, WIPEOUT’s cleansing towel will help kill up to 99% germs and keep your skin moisturised. This sanitizing towel is perfect for cleaning and sanitizing your face, body or just about anything on-the-go! WIPEOUT after every touch.

Baby Safety Wipes

Infused with aloe vera extract, chamomile extract and vitamin E, this carefully curated skin disinfectant baby safety wipes are absolutely safe and gentle. Dermatologically tested and pH balanced, these wipes are gentle and safe to use on your little one’s delicate skin while killing 99% germs.

Germ Killing Face Wash

An antimicrobial daily cleanser that’s enriched with tea tree oil, cucumber and aloe vera to gently cleanse your skin and remove impurities. This sanitizing face wash is also infused with germ-killing chlorhexidine blended with natural ingredients that protect, revitalise and nourish your skin.

Germ Killing Hand Cream

For hands that aren't just germ-free, but also soft. The WIPEOUT Germ Killing Hand Cream by MyGlamm is a beauty must-have! Decadent cocoa butter, enriched with cinnamon and rosemary oils, along with a blend of germ-killing chlorhexidine; this antimicrobial hand cream restores moisture, protects and nourishes your hands anytime, anywhere.

Germ Killing Foot Cream

This standout antimicrobial foot cream that features a base of emollient cocoa butter, infused with purifying lavender oil and anti-inflammatory ginger oil. It's also enriched with chlorhexidine to kill germs and blended with essential oils like tea tree, rosemary and eucalyptus to moisturize skin, relieve tired feet and reduce irritation. 

Germ Killing Body Wash

MyGlamm has the type of sanitizing body washes that y’all were looking for. Our WIPEOUT germ-killing body wash doesn’t only kill the germs but keeps your skin nourished and moisturized at the same time. Enriched with tea tree oil, chamomile and lavender, this gentle antimicrobial skin disinfectant body wash will not only help cleanse but also purify and protect your skin around the clock!

Germ Killing Body Lotion

Soothing, nourishing and moisturising, our WIPEOUT germ killing body lotion is an indulgent anti-microbial cocoa butter-based body moisturizer that is enriched with tea tree oil, rose and cucumber extracts to refresh and soothe, while the nutgrass oil along with chlorhexidine kills germs and protects your skin all day.

Germ Killing Soap

Our Germ Killing Soap can be the perfect start and finish to a long day. It is an antimicrobial bathing bar that contains nourishing cocoa butter, enriched with germ-killing chlorhexidine with tea tree oil and healing coconut extracts to give you germ-free, soft, supple and squeaky clean skin each time you use it.

Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers are surely a need of the hour, and here our Manish Malhotra’s antimicrobial sanitizing hand rub comes into the picture. This hand sanitizer is made with 80% alcohol, infused with olive, basil, neem, karanja and nut grass extracts that removes impurities and nourishes the skin. It also has oud oil’s aroma that is known to give a calming and uplifting state of mind. 

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Q. Is it important to use a skin disinfectant?

A. More than important it is a necessity to keep a skin disinfectant at hand. We touch numerous surfaces throughout the day and if we don’t sanitize them well before consuming an eatable and after returning home we transfer them to surfaces like your home keys, sofa’s, dining area etc which can make us really sick. Therefore, you need to keep a sanitizing or disinfecting product at hand always.

Q. Do sanitizing products contain alcohol?

A. Yes, most of them do, because alcohol helps kill up to 99% of germs and bacteria.

Q. My skin feels extremely dry after using sanitizer every day, what should I do?

A. The answer is simple, you need to moisturize your hands each time you wash or sanitize them. This keeps the moisture intact and prevents your hands, especially your palms from drying.



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