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7 Fun Social Distancing Activities To Try During #21DaysOfQuarantine
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Tired of this quarantine and can’t wait to step outside again, we hear you! But unfortunately, the outbreak still isn’t under control so it looks like quarantine might continue for a couple of weeks. But that doesn’t mean you lose your sanity sitting at home the entire day. Instead of walking from your bedroom to the kitchen aimlessly, we’ve got a few fun activities you can do with your friends’ RN while still practising #socialdistancing. Forget about Netflix and quarantine, wine and Facetime is the new norm and if that isn’t fun for you, then these social distancing activities will make this lockdown more bearable.


Virtual Workout Session

Just ‘cause your summer vacation plans have been cancelled doesn’t mean you can’t get that summer bod. Forget about your New Year’s resolution of going to the gym, the virtual workout is the new 'IN' thing. Create a virtual workout session with your friends and sweat out all that quarantine food you’ve eaten. From yoga to Zumba, every day you and your friends can try a new workout routine with the help of online fitness platforms or simple at-home exercises. This way you can stay fit and healthy while spilling some tea.

PC: @tayloredfitness

Online Makeup Tutorials

Are people jealous of your always on-point makeup? Well, create your own little video call classes with your and show them how to perfect the sexiest makeup looks. From creating the sharpest cat-eye to getting those flushed cheeks, use this quarantine time to spread your beauty knowledge and educate others.



Online Games

Online Games like Ludo, UNO and Instagram Bingo are gaining popularity, now more than ever. These games help you get in your daily dose of competition while quarantined at home due to the coronavirus outbreak. Best of all, you and your friends can play them for free.


Netflix Party

In this #Covid19 infected world, you can forget about Netflix and Chill, now it’s all about the Netflix parties. Netflix Party allows you to chat and watch Netflix with your friends online at the same time. With Netflix party, everyone will be screaming in unison while watching scary movies just like those good old sleepover days.



Start An Online Book Club

Tired of watching reruns of F.R.I.E.N.D.S and in no mood to pick up a book, then start a book club. Talking about a certain book with your friends or even strangers online will not only help start a conversation but also get you excited about reading. Pick a book, set a specific date and time and get ready to talk to your friends about the content you just read. Also, don’t forget the most important thing- Your wine glass.



Virtual Cooking Club

Let’s face it, we’re all getting out of this quarantine either alcoholics or really good cooks and for some, both. If this lockdown has brought out your inner Ratatouille, then get on a video call with your friends and start cooking. Having an at-home, cooking-club will help you pass your time in a fun way and also make you the MasterChef of your own kitchen.

P.S: Once this quarantine is done, you’ll also save a lot of cash by not ordering food online.


PC: @selenagomez


When was the last time you dressed up in a costume? You’ve probably seen the Tiger King challenge on Insta, so why not start theme day with your friends and fam. Pick a theme of the day and use whatever you can in your house to make yourself look like the character you’ve picked. With this theme party, you not only get to bring out your creative side while having fun, but you will also have loads of content to post on your Insta instead of just counting down the quarantine days. 

PC: @tigerkingnetflix

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