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First Instapost vs Latest Instapost: Blogger Edition

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms out there. It has also launched many influencers into the world of stardom, allowing them to follow their passions, be it beauty, travel, fashion, food or fitness and helped put their names on the map.

So, it comes as no shock that beauty and lifestyle bloggers are always required to put their best face forward when they’re in the limelight. Being camera ready is just part of their job, and along with their innate sense of style, they’ve now also managed to perfect their Instagram game. From curated feeds to on-point makeup and clothing, these girls are killing it with every pic. But have you ever wondered what was their first-ever selfie like? What was that very first post that got them on the road to achieving Insta-fame?

Well, we went through your favourite bloggers' Insta pages and pulled out their very first post so that you don’t have to and we’re comparing it to their latest to check out their beauty evolution. From following the once extreme pouting craze *cringe* to keeping it minimal with basic kohl eyes and lip gloss, take a look at their camera-ready makeup evolution.

Sonal Sagaraya
Sonal first showed the world her love for makeup 8 years ago with her own YouTube channel. Through the years, it’s not only her followers that have grown but also her makeup skills. With 91k+ subscribers on Youtube and 32k+ followers on Insta, Sonal proves that there’s never a time when she’s not selfie-ready!

First Image, 2012
Sonal’s very first image was all about the minimal makeup selfie with a bit of eyeliner and lip gloss.

Latest Image, 2019
Today, she's not afraid to slay with bold lips, glitter eyeshadow, and long lashes.

Riya Jain
You might know her by her Insta handle @caughtinacuff. Riya is only 25 years old and has already garnered 300k+ followers on insta and even has her own blog. She has definitely come a long way since her very first post.

First Image, 2013
Her first image was all about perfecting the pout with lipgloss and bold eyeliner on her upper lids. 

Latest Image, 2019
Today, she’s influencing others out there with her own personal sense of style. In her latest image, she’s ditched the pout and opted for bold lips with MyGlamm's Lipstick collection.

Megha Ray
This software designer has managed to garner over 14k followers in a short span of time. Her love for creativity gave birth to her website The Good Life which includes everything from beauty to fashion to travel. So how much has Megha changed since her very first pic?

First Image, 2013
Seems like a simple bold liner around the eyes and a bit of lip balm was all she needed back then. If you scroll through her feed, you can see her beauty evolution.

Latest Image, 2019
Now, she’s all about experimenting with different lip colours, eyeshadows and keeping up with the latest beauty trends.

Shivani Trehan
Shivani left her corporate life to become a full-time blogger. Now with over 31k followers and 1780 posts, she proves that anything is possible if you work hard towards achieving your goal.

First Image, 2015 
Shivani's very first image was all about simplicity with subtle makeup. 

Latest Image, 2019
Her latest image, however, screams glamour with a wine coloured lipstick that matched her skirt and on-point highlighter. There’s no doubt that she’s managed to evolve and grow with time.

Suman Kothari
Suman’s best known for her handle @thelifestylediaryy. With over 700 posts and 44k+ followers, she prides herself as being a beauty addict. 

From her latest posts, it’s clear that she doesn’t shy away from makeup as compared to her very first pic in which she opted for just eyeliner.

First Image, 2016

Latest Image, 2019

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